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Lower Loss Ratios

Rapid Organic Growth

Better Portfolio Construction


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Our Business

To prove the power of Scientific Underwriting in Insurance

We developed our own technology.
We launched the first implementation in our own insurance company.
We partner with industry leaders to proliferate the global impact of Scientific Underwriting.

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Group Structure Section Background

Our Group Structure

Chelsea Avondale group is designed to understand and underwrite personal property risk with extreme precision and speed.

We have two core functions:

Scientific Research & Computer Engineering

We have developed the world's most computationally advanced software system for evaluating and pricing personal property insurance risk live at the point of sale.

For further details, see:

Our Science

Insurance Underwriting & Portfolio Management

We put our software to work directly through our wholly owned insurance company, Max Insurance .

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We also partner with industry leaders to proliferate the global impact of Scientific Underwriting.

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Proving the Impact of Scientific Underwriting

To prove the power of Scientific Underwriting, we wanted our first implementation to be a comprehensive adoption of our technology, to prove that our approach delivers industry leading results.

As such, we launched the first implementation of our technology through our own insurance carrier, Max Insurance.

Max Insurance is a property and casualty insurer in Canada with roots dating back to 1866.

Max deploys the Skynet scientific pricing software and policy administration system, meaning Max's partners and policyholders benefit from some of the most robust and highly automated underwriting technology in the industry.

In addition, we partner with industry leaders to proliferate the global impact of Scientific Underwriting to additional markets and regions throughout the world.

Our Passion for Risk & Insurance

Now we'll be honest.

Insurance isn't sexy. In fact, it's a slog.

It's tedious, fraught with complexity, and at best it's a product that the customer never has to use.

But it's a slog we enjoy.

We relish in the opportunity to improve the precision of our risk analysis. To offer lower priced products to consumers who deserve it. To build portfolios more resilient to catastrophic events. To automate and streamline the underwriting and claims experiences.

This is our passion, made possible through our technology.

The Result: Unrivalled Rating Precision

Our scientific pricing system allows us to analyse the risk to an individual home with pinpoint precision.

As such, while the market is applying homogeneous pricing to homes in the same geographic region, we price homes more accurately and offer more competitive pricing to consumers with lower risk properties.

We do not sacrifice performance to offer lower
prices to our customers. We perform better risk analysis.

This drives:

  • 01

    Rapid organic growth

    By offering lower risk-adjusted prices to an enormous array of policyholders.

  • 02

    Industry leading loss ratios

    For a portfolio of risks, even while growing.

  • 03

    Better portfolio construction

    Meaning improved resilience to catastrophic events & reinsurance optimization.

  • 04

    Automation of policy administration

    Since the complexities of human centric underwriting now live in the computations of Skynet. This drives lower costs.

BC Flood
House in Flood
House in Flood

Our Global Reach

Our group has an advanced multi-national organizational structure including entities in Canada, Bermuda & Barbados. Our structure helps to optimize capital allocation, maintain operational agility, and allow for future growth.

We made our hallmark deployment of our risk technology through Max Insurance in Canada. This initiative has clearly demonstrated the power of our technology and provides a platform as we expand to additional markets.

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We are open to collaborating with leaders who share our passion for the application of scientific risk modelling to insurance.

Research & Development

Our Scientific Research & Development team is composed of PhDs and engineers with decades of experience who are passionate about risk modelling, the science underlying natural hazard events, machine learning, and the application of all these domains to the analysis of modelled losses.

Our team has extensive experience in the development of bespoke scientific catastrophe models, non-casastrophic machine learning models & systems engineering.

Our technical & research libraries are continually expanding, and we are open to collaborating with parties that share our philosophy for rigour in risk analysis and focus on science.

Joint Ventures & Licensing

The insurance industry is ill-prepared for the impact of Scientific Underwriting. The market will be forced to adapt. We can offer an opportunity to get ahead of the curve for like minded companies who are focused on the application of cutting edge risk analysis.

Acquisition Opportunities

We're constantly searching for interesting opportunities to add P&C insurance businesses to our group, and offer a tremendous value proposition to companies we partner with.