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Boyu Feng

Research Scientist – Chelsea Avondale

Boyu Feng

Boyu is a Research Scientist with Chelsea Avondale.

Boyu holds a PhD from the University of Western Ontario in Canada in Geography, and completed her postdoctoral research at Natural Resources Canada as part of the team analyzing the impacts of urbanization on flood events using hydrologic and hydraulic models.

Boyu has over ten years experience researching weather patterns and applying computational fluid dynamic models to analyze the impact of those patterns on various parts of the environment. She is an expert in GIS related programming (spatial analysis & visualization) and remote sensing data manipulation, integral areas of focus for Chelsea Avondale’s development of various hazard models.

Her thesis applied tensor-based image processing methods to produce high spatial resolution hyperspectral images of urban scenes, in order to improve the results of urban feature extraction. Furthermore, Boyu has performed analyses of floods covering series of hydrologic related data (rainfall accumulation, elevation, water body, sewer pipelines, manholes, building footprints), simulation of the data into a hyetograph, and derivation of floodplain water depth and velocity maps.

Prior to joining Chelsea Avondale Boyu worked with First Resource Management Group where she worked on the application of remote sensing in forestry management. Through this, Boyu has significant experience designing advanced and efficient algorithms to produce reliable forestry data.

In addition to her PhD, Boyu holds a Master of Science in Geography from the University of Kansas where her research used continuous wave penetrating radar to measure the snow accumulation in west Antarctica, which were then analyzed with ice core profiles and station records. She also holds a Bachelor of Engineering from China University of Geosciences in Wuhan.

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